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MIT App Inventor Teaching Modules

These lessons offer a connected progression for students learning App Inventor in classrooms and workshops.

Module I: Tutorials for Getting Started
Lesson 1. Magic 8 Ball
Will students learn the basics of App Inventor from building this app? "It is Certain!"
Lesson 2. Paint Pic
Finger painting app demonstrates variables and the drawing canvas.
Lesson 3. Pong
Arcade-style game introduces sprites and timer events.
Homepage: Module I
Provides an overview of the 3 lessons noted above as well as corresponding teacher's guides and materials.

Module II: Games and Animations
This three-part module guides students into their first self-directed project: designing and creating a game app.
Lesson 1. Canvas, Sprites, Events
Lesson 2. Animating Sprites and User Interaction
Lesson 3. Design, Build and Test Your Game (coming soon)
Homepage: Module II
Provides an overview of the 3 topics noted above as well as corresponding tutorials.